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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  February 17, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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through dundalk and middle river and havre de grace. temperatures probably stuck in the 50s for the most partleaving you to 60. we will cool down over the weekend. there could be snow returning next week. right now, we are pretty much even, 47 engwater and 48 in reisterstown and dry on the most powerful doppler radar. check out more. let's see what's happening on the roads>> reporter: right now not much happening. looking very clear on the area roadways looking live at 895. a little south of the 95 split, people heading towards the harbor tunnel, all lanes are open and no delays this morning. at least on the 95 stretch. 695 checking in incident free looking at the maps. traffic moving very well around the beltway. 795 wide open between route 140 on towards 695. no issues on i-70 making your way towards the tunnels and traffic is moving at a nice pace. now back to you. >> thanks. today we are one step closer to knowing whether or not same sex couples can get married in maryland.
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it's expected today in annapolis but as linda so is here to tell us, opponents are promising ahuge fight. >> reporter: it appears the bill will make it through the initial hurdle. the stage has been set through one this afternoon. they will vote on same sex marriage. it's likely the bill will be approved in the committee. that would send it to the floor of the senate for a vote sometime next week. and that looks to be very close to having enough votes to pass. but opponents say even if the bill makes it through the senate and the house, and signed into law by the governor, it will take the issue by putting it on the 2012 ballot in the referendum. this week several senators have come out to vote in favor of the bill bringing it closer to the 24 votes to pass in the senate. >> what i heard was the opponents of same sex marriage as pedophiles and i can't be on that side. >> reporter: the senate judicial proceedings committee will vote this afternoon if it
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goes through, the full senate is expected to vote next week. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. and ahead on "good morning maryland" at nine. a article has been published by a towson university professor on gay marriage. amy becker an assistant professor is going to talk to us about this at nine. she looks at the public acceptance and support for same sex marriage across different age groups. she will join us for the conference at -- conversation at nine on "good morning maryland. a group planning to rally support for legislation to bet are protect animals. the group will meet with lawmakers to urning the passage of -- urge the passage of several bills including one inspired by a dog shot and killed in anne arundel county last summer. that bill would strengthen maryland's animal cruelty law. tonight, carbon monoxide or rather this morning, they are in place in the baltimore city school after it was evacuated twice in one week.
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dickey hill elementary has co detectors and within the next month, all is theory schools -- city schools will have detechors. and the recent accident happened tuesday at dickey hill. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake made a few tweaks in her original plan. the goal of the plan is to shift the council district to reflect new data from the 2010 census. the mayor says she deviceed the plan to create districts close to equal in population. and tries to reunite the neighborhoods that were split up during the last redistricting that happened in 2003. we will have much more on this on the website, get there by clicking on a link to the mayor's full proposal. we will explain everything there. a har forecounty teen isdead and police say her boyfriend may face charges after -- say her boyfriend may face charges after a head on
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collision. mark by cana and ashley stewart were out on -- mark buchanan and ashley stewart were out for lun: police say he crossed the yellow line and hit a truck head on. she was killed in that crash. >> ashley was independent and a hard worker and very focused on her aspirations. as and she was going to pharmocology school and she had wanted to do that until 10th grate grade. >> she just returned home. they had been home since high school. the driver the truck has been released from the hospital. baltimore county police are going high tech. the department launched a website to keep you informed but help you inform them. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with details. >> reporter: let me tell you.
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baltimore county police are teaming with up local people who help keep the community safe. this is a part of i watch baltimore county and later this morning, baltimore county executives will have a new conference to talk about this. it's the latest technical device to help ensure safety of county citizens. i watch baltimore county is a neighborhood online awareness program. it was created to educate and encourage citizens to report suspicious behaviors that may have connections to crime on a local, state and national level. through e-mail sus description people can receive i -- subscriptions people can receive i watch baltimore alerts. you can provide police with tips and make nonemergency complaints. look at the website here. they have i watch citizen tip reports. it's all very simple. just click on the button and you can choose which ever type of incident is going on and abandoned automobile, criminal activity, drug activity, a
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neighbor's complaint a noise complaint. potential terrorism. click on which ever one applies to you and you briefly describe the situation. and where the activity is occurring. there's also a box down here if you are reporting maybe terrorists related. once you fill out the sheet here. then you go over here to submit tips and click on the button here, and already you performed your civic duty and helping to keep your community safer. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. tonight at 11, say you knew him when. we discovered the next great athlete and bowler out of baltimore. you are on the lane right now with the 19-year-old. he works during the day and at night, he does a lot of this. but now, how does he do it? why is he in the news? wait until you see what he is
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doing at the age of 3. it's stroke of genius or shall we say, a strike of genius. that's coming up tonight at 11 right here on abc news. well, we have been investigating now for months. ripping off customers. >> but now he could be also ripping off a business. how a lock smyth and -- locksmith and googel are hurting the reputation of a local cop. more people are overweight making health care cost sky- high. which states are currently worse off. and a new procedure to help you lose weight approved for more people. but first, new york with a look at latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with president obama meeting with the group of top technology executives. it will focus on promoting american invasion and job growth. among the executives mark zuckerberg and apple chief executive steven jobs. the federal reserve is raising the outlook for economic growth this year.
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but minutes from the meeting last month, show the central bank expects the unemployment rate to whoever around 9% this year. more than a dozen banks including bank of america and jp morgan chase are facing fines for deficiency how they handle for foreclosure. they could be forced to change how they operate. banks could learn about the punishment within days. and finding cheap airfare will be a challenge. fares could rise as much as 250 dollars round trip because airlines are not yet discounting the summer fees. that's money scope report, i am vinita nair.
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it's ten minutes after 6.
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it tellsous about customers who feel like they have been locked off by joe horton. >> there's a new twist. turns out we caught joe horton overcharging customers locked out of the homes and cars and he is even been at center of a attorney general investigation. now it seems he put a lock on one local company's identity pop a lock. gets an a plus rating. however, if you google pasadena and locksmith, pop a lock comes up but horton's phone numbercomes up with it. >> you have a great reputation and to have someone come in that is falsely representing pop-a-lock and overcharging customers is frustrating. >> he is a witness with the attorneyien's -- general's case and tried to get googel to pull the number. so far, no luck. as for joe horton, he has not returned our calls. check out for all the stories on horton plus helpful hints if you get locked out of your car or home.
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a continental airline agent confessed to running a scam. she pleaded guilty to wire fraud for printing bogus vouchers and telling them from her nation at newark liberty international airport. prosecutors say she sold the vouchers for as much as $600. she can spend the next five years in prison. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 6:12. we have a look at back to compare where we are going forward. yesterday's high 57. a nice jump up from the 40s the day before. and a jump up above normal. 60 to the south. pushing us 67 de-- 69 degree reading, that is in charleston. let's read the board and see where we compare on this 17th of february. normal high of 45 degrees. we are well above that. we have to compare back to the heat wave of 1976. and today's record 76 degrees.
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tomorrow in the same year 75. and i don't think we will reach that. but this morning's temperature of 43 with cloud cover actually near our normal high temperature. so we get to go up from here. we have the basically partly to mostly cloudy skies and we have a basic dry setup and we pump in the warmer winds. pull it back wider and you get a better sense of what's happening. high pressure off the coast and we get the return know and you see the ribbon of clouds and the jet stream that's a signal of warmer temperatures in the clearing behind it. so we got mild temperatures. but once we get into that. that's when we can soar and i think we will get a little taste of that before the front swings through and brings in a reality check over the weekend. we are dry today and we are looking for a dry day tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, there's the cold front. a chance of showers especially around baltimore and across the eastern shore. and then we will look at that frontal bondry slide together south ushering in colder environment will producing snow and while we stay dry over the
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weekend, it's sty we trend back -- trend back to winter which wet be -- we will be fighting back. a beautiful day today, more clouds in the morning. more sun in the afternoon. my pick of the week, at 64 or more around baltimore. tonight, though, a mix of clouds and we will settle back to around 50. and milder than we are right now. and then we surge higher. again tomorrow's record 75 will be close as we will be pushing for a warmup to 70. reminder if you live near the water, it will be cooler and windy in the afternoon. gust of 30 miles per hour. back to 54 saturday. 48 sunday and next week monday evening through tuesday a wintery mix could end as snow. kim. >> justin, another -- for those catching the brunswick line there's disruption from frederick county into montgomery county. metro will honor tickets because of that delay. but no problems reported on the local bus, light rail or commuter bus or mobile buses this mong if you are taking the
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mta. at 59 in bought-- 95 in baltimore all lanes are open towards the capital beltway. northbound no problems up to 395. on the harrisburg expressway, southbound to 695, a five- minute trip. the outer loop from 695 between 795 and i-70. that's a 6-minute ride and no issues on the jfx. now looking at the maps, no reports of accidents either. traffic is off to a really good start. now back to you. >> thanks. 15 minutes after six. in health news, surprising findings about a steady -- study that says the obesity em. epidemic is worseespecially in the south. -- worse especially in the south. the most idle states are alabama, kentucky, lose weesana, oklahoma mississippi and tennessee. the stoties-- study finds a correlation between the areas with the least amount of exercise and skyrocketing health probable -- proalt health approximate -- health
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problems. the obesity rate is from 15 to 39%. the fd amount approved the use of stomach shrinking lap bands to millions more patients who are less obese than those who ho were using the did he -- who were using the device. the patient was body mass index between 30 and 40 and one related weight related to medical conditions. such as diabetes, patients must have previously attempted other weight loss strategies to use it as a ring placed over the top of the stomach and inflated with sail lien to tint and restrict how much -- tighten and restrict how much food can pass through the stomach. 37 million patients meet the criteria for this device. it's 6:16. and added -- attitude appears to be everything. it can work wonders for
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yourcareer and your social life. you can affect how your pain medications work. researchers in europe found a patient's expect station about the effectiveness of a pain drug overrode the property of the drugs. patient ace sure it would work experienced reliefch the other group was given a drug and told it wouldn't work. that group says their pain got worse. 17 minutes after 16. -- six. time for the picture of day. karen of joppa sent this in of her dog. the dog is celebrating the 6th birthday today. happy birthday. she looks like she has a bell in her hair. >> she does. >> cute. all right. if you have a interesting photo to send to birthdays, anniversaries, pets to morning show at we will get the information from you and share it with maryland. stay with us this morning. coming up today, a new honor for bill cosby. he will be recognized today as an honorariy chief petty
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officer of the navy. he served in the navy from 56 to 61 and trained as hospital courseman and -- corpseman and worked with vet -- corpsman and worked are veterans of the korean war. what a difference a year makes. michael vick comes back to the nfl and has a all star season. but he is not ready to talk to the queen of talk shows. he says never mind to oprah. so you don't take dating advice from tiring so how would you take advice from charlie sheen. he is doling out a few pearls of wisdom to a star. details coming up. mr. perdue!
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[ chickens clucking ] now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to have usda process verified programs. but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets without making me drowsy, cause i want to be alert around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out. nt taint news this morning. -- entertainment news this morning, mel gibson could be the victim of extortion. prosecutors are reviewing a investigation by the l.a. sheriff's department in whether his ex-girlfriend tried to extort money from him.
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gibson is in a bitter custody battle over the one-year-old daughter. lesser known but better known his uncle leo on seinfeld has died. the 88-year-old len lesser is his name died yesterday of complications from new mown -- new mown yeah. he -- pneumonia. he appeared in dozens of movies and television closed including on everybody loves raymond. charlie sheen has advice for lindsay lohan. sheen said lohan needs to work on her impulse control. he told lohan just try to think of things to get through a little bit before you do them. really? all right. also this morning, michael vickchanged his mind about going on the oprah winfrey show for now. the philidelphia eagles quarterback canceled an appearance on oprah's talk show. it was scheduled to air next
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thursday. the production company says vick backed out for personal reasons. they planned to talk about his time in prison for running a dog fighting ring. a spokesperson says the nfl star has reconsidered and wanted topostpone. >> since charlie sheen is giving career aadvice what would he say to michael vick? make room for the gleeks, the cast of the show hold the record for the most songs on the hot 100 with 113 as five more than elvis presley, the king. man was no match for machine. >> your jeopardy champion is watson. in two games against jennings and rudder e. won more than 87,000 bucks. jennings and rudder both finished with less than a third of the total. the win is an indication for ibm programmers who designed watson and hope it can serve a variety of practical functions beside winning game shows.
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watson and ibm are donating $1 million to charity. jennings splits 300,000 between himself and his favorite charity and rudder flits a 2 -- splits a 200,000 dollar consolation prize. >> what. [audio not understandable] >> good question. all right. it was a win against the machine 11 years ago as well on this day in history back in 1996. the final chess game was played in a six-game series against ibm computer. won 4-2 losing one game drawing in two and winning three. he won the 6thgate game and-- 6th game and computer had remap with him later and the computer won. 6:24. coming up threshings no way to make everyone happy when you are cutting down your budge. what we are learning this morning. but imagine upsetting this many people. look at this crowd. we will tell you more about this coming up. plus, she was half asleep
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and three friends from missoula, montana, won the first ever folgers jingle contest. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner go to ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ now "good morning maryland." a big step forward for same sex marriage becoming a reality in the state of maryland. a push to change the
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ingredients of soda. a study says one ur health. and keeping your kids safe in school. how a carbon monoxide leak at one school changed the state's precaution for all schools. that and much more on this thursday. it's february 17th, good morning, maryland, i am charlie crowson. >> i am megan pringle. hopefully you've been enjoying the weather. yesterday it was a great day to get out and go for a walk. and it's going to keep oncoming. now over to meteorologist justin berk. >> it's the next two days that look fine. we have clouds this morning and a mild start but we are dry. 57 degrees that was yesterday's high temperature. and we are 43 now. in fact that's close to a normal high on this date. 41 on the eastern shore and colder up to the north. in the icebox of york pa there at 31. but they will get a warmup as well. more clouds more sun this afternoon. and a pleasant breeze and that puts us up to 64 around baltimore. staying near 50 overnight. and even warmer tomorrow.
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not quite a record but we will talk about the warm day tomorrow a cooler weekend and believe it or not after all of this teasing, there's show in the extended forecast -- snow in the extend forecast. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: justin as you leave out door now you can make it to work or school at the time it would normally take to go minus any traffic because there's no traffic out there. there's no accidents or incidents. as we look live at the cameras, traffic looks good in anne arundel county. 97 aboutn both direction starting to pick up a little -- 97 in both directions starting to pick up a little bit. no issues on route 50 in oight direction. westbound all open from the bay bridge approaching the capital beltway. look live at maps, we don't have reports of incidents or any accidents right now. megan and charlie, back to you -- chaley, back -- charley, back to you. students werer sent home twice in one week because of cash op monoxide leak. now there's a new policy and district will ensure


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